Ability Context

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Ability Context[edit]

The Ability Context is a key concept used within Able and can be thought of as a snapshot in time to describe the environment the Ability is currently running in.

It contains information such as:

  • What Actor is executing this Ability.
  • What Able Ability Component is executing this Ability.
  • Who "instigated" this Ability (set when creating the Context).
  • Who "owns" this Actor (set when creating the Context).
  • Who this Task is currently Targeting.
  • Current Stack Count for this Ability.
  • Current Time of this Ability.
  • Current Time as a ratio (0.0 - 1.0) to the length of this Ability.

Most calls into Ability Blueprints for any type of logic will pass in a UAblAbilityContext pointer to allow you to query various parts of the Context for whatever information you may want to use. The Context can be changed at runtime by using Copy Results to Context in the Query/Sweep Tasks or using the Modify Context Task.

You can read the full class declaration here: